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Frank has garnered over 30 years of experience in the real estate market and has persisted through three real estate market fluctuations, yet his innovative style and business motivation have remained unhampered over time.

As one of the top producing agents in the Silicon Valley, Frank holds records of closing 7 transactions in one day and 8 listings in one day.

Dedicated to providing good service to all, Frank also provides one-stop service for home buyers from overseas, offering tours and lodging.

In terms of knowledge and skill, Frank is a specialist in San Francisco SoMa’s luxury condominiums, having spent 3 years in market research and representing buyers.

Frank also continues to provide valuable and updated marketing information to the public, including market data for the Bay Area: http://www.resultsteam.com/trends; market information for the San Francisco SoMa area: http://www.frankskyscraper.com, and general market research information:http://www.franktop1.com.

Frank’s status as an experienced and accomplished agent has only furthered his passion for real estate service through the years. He is dedicated to providing home buyers & sellers the most excellent service and enhanced experience possible.